A PROVEN Blueprint That Will Put You Into The Elevated Ranks Of Hypnosis “Big Earners”… Even If Your Hypnosis Skills Are “Bare Bones” And You Have
No Business Experience…

"Follow This System And You Can't Fail"

"This master class is brilliant. Packed full of useful information regarding setting up and running a stop smoking hypnotherapy business, including the therapy itself.

"Before I got this master class I was surprised if any clients actually stopped smoking, now I am surprised if they need to come back for my free follow up session.

"I would strongly recommend this master class to any budding hypnotherapist and the experienced hypnotist alike.

"Follow this system and you can't fail."

Shona Davis
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

"This Is The Best Money I Ever Spent"

"I bought the 'How to make a lot of Money with Hypnosis either Full-time or Part-time' Advanced Master Class.

"This was the best money I ever spent. Igor went through all the steps from start to finish on how to set up a successful Stop Smoking Clinic.

"Where Igor differs from most other courses/books is that everything was included right from advertising, marketing, running the session and how to turn all the enquiries into buying customers.

"All the templates for the letters were in the course and even where to get information on making a free report.

"I am really excited about starting my clinic and feel very confident in knowing exactly what to do from start to finish.

Karen Green
Mind and Body Consultant Nottingham, United Kingdom mindandbodyconsultants.co.uk

"Gained 6 New Clients In ONE WEEK! Amazing!"

“I've recently purchased this program and I must say I was delighted and thrilled at the same time learning about this very comprehensive and compact action plan.

"I would like to say to everyone that might still be in doubt about whether or not to buy this set: do it! You will not be disappointed!

"I put Igor's tips into action and I have now gained 6 new clients in ONE WEEK! Amazing!”

Jos Passage
Certified Trainer NLP & Hypnosis
Personal Coach

"My Bread And Butter Income"

"This master class has been my bread and butter income.

"I saw this master class as the means to get my Hypnotherapy practice up and running.

"The information contained in this master class is first rate and it gives step by step instructions ideal for creating income while still consolidating any other hypnosis learning.

"This is a great product and I would recommend this to anyone looking to build a business by helping other people."

Rob Smith
Invercargill, Southland, New Zealand

"A Complete System..."

"This masterclass has empowered me to turn what I willingly used to do for free into a business.

"Not only that, I now see how to take the fundamentals Igor teaches in this masterclass and create other programs using this as a foundation.

"Powerful stuff because Igor teaches you from A to Z from first contact to trance to completed session and support, even recommendations for advertising! A complete system in fact!"

Matthew Detrick
Frankfort, IL, USA

"..This Is The Most Valuable Class I Own!"

"This is a great course for anyone wanting to have a successful hypnotherapy practice.

"It not only teaches you how to effectively use hypnosis with smokers but also shares secrets about how to market yourself.

"I have found that the techniques in this course are also applicable to several other areas and I find myself using pieces from it in all sorts of different situations.

"As a hypnotherapist this is the most valuable class I own!"

Jess Marion
Philadelphia, PA, USA

"..Gives You A Structure To Making Money With Hypnosis The
Right Way"

"This program gives you a structure to making money with hypnosis the right way, so you do not make the mistakes others do."

Sean Hammond
Bognor Regis, West Sussex, UK

"..This Is A Great Master Class To Invest In!"

"I selected this Master Class to try because I wanted to acquire hypnotic techniques that I could use that would assist clients in obtaining fast, practical results in addressing issues such as smoking that could make a huge difference in their lives.

"I found this Master Class teaches principles and techniques to assist with smoking cessation in a clear, organized manner that can be used to produce effective results quickly.

"The details are all there to begin using the techniques right away. Also included are highly useful and practical tips on how to set up your own business working as a hypnotherapist.

"There is important and insightful information about making your business successful and avoiding serious mistakes that are drawn from Igor's vast experience.

"If you want to learn some techniques that can translate into a financial return quickly then this is a great Master Class to invest in!"

Robert Minda
Crisis Response Clinician
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

"..Goes Above And Beyond Expectation"

"I own a few of Igor's master class products and all are excellent. The content provided in Igor's Advanced Master Classes goes above and beyond expectation.

"Igor is the quintessential master hypnotherapist and professional. The Advanced Master Class: Make A Lot Of Money With Hypnosis - is highly recommended.

"My clinical hypnotherapy practice is growing. The original structure was to be all things to all people, a generalist. After all, I can do that quite well - so people will naturally come to me for help with all their needs.

"I was resistant to specialization. However, after digesting the content in the Master Class - I decided to re-engineer my practice as an experiment.

"I elected to specialize in Smoking Cessation and Weight Loss. Within a relatively short time I have experienced even more dramatic growth.

"Once my practice specialization became known throughout the local marketplace - I noticed an increase in client traffic.

"The specialization is providing a solid foundation for my clinical hypnosis practice.

"Ironically, through specialization, I am offering an even greater array of other clinical hypnosis services to clients that I most likely would not have otherwise been able to reach."

David A. Blender
Clinical Hypnotist / Hypnotherapist
Algonquin, Illinois, USA

About Igor & What Other Experts Say


Igor Ledochowski

Igor Ledochowski is a Certified Master Hypnosis Trainer who has created a field-tested system for becoming a hypnotist in less time and with less effort than using traditional training methods.

He is a world-renowned hypnotist, author, lecturer, trainer, coach and Fortune 500 consultant.

Hypnosis experts respect and rave about him...

"Igor Ledochowski continues to surprise me. I've studied nearly everything and everyone there is to study in hypnosis, but Igor has a knack for creating powerful, complete mini-lessons so that anyone can learn to perform hypnosis using everyday conversation.

"Igor truly is a master teacher."

Dr. Joe Vitale, Star of Joe Vitale"The Secret" Movie
CEO Hypnotic Marketing Inc. & Author Of Over 20 Books
Wimberley, Texas, USA

“Even after 40 years of studying hypnosis, I am impressed with Igor Ledochowski's contribution to the field”

Dr. Daniel AraozDr. Daniel Araoz American Board of Professional Hypnosis,
Professor of Mental Health Counseling,
Long Island University
Director Emeritus,
Long Island Institute of Ericksonian Hypnosis
Long Island, New York, USA

“Igor is the definitive expert on the mind, on fast results, and a genius in the field of subconscious influence and change. He influences you consciously and subconsciously to release an impressive potential in people.

"It’s like magic: He gets absolutely amazing results!

"If you want to work with the best, work with him!!

"But be warned: he gets exceptional results by doing exceptional things... sometimes unusual things happen when you are around him.”

Joe VitaleDavid Taylor, Global Leadership Expert
Best-selling Author, “The Naked Leader"
Woking, Surrey, UK

Now you can get Igor's "How To Make A Lot Of Money With Hypnosis Either Full or Part Time" system and never have to worry again about making money with hypnosis.

For details, see below...

Dear Reader,

If you want to make money from your hypnosis skills – one of the easiest ways to do so is to set yourself up as a smoking cessation hypnotherapist.

(80% of all hypnotherapy sessions are on stopping smoking or losing weight)

But here’s the thing:

There are plenty of good hypnotists out there that are never able to turn their hypnosis skills into a regular income stream they can support their family on.

There are even fewer still who are able to earn enough money from their hypnosis to buy a nice new car… travel abroad regularly… or… choose when and who to work with.


Because 99% of hypnotists are good at hypnotherapy… but… absolutely useless at setting themselves up in business and…

Attracting Clients Who Will Gladly
(Eagerly) Pay Their Fees And Refer Other Quality Clients To Them

It’s a crying shame, really.

Because truth is anyone with bare-bones experience in hypnosis could be earning a full time income from a part-time practice.


You don’t have to be a better (or more famous) hypnotherapist to earn the big money.

And you definitely don’t need to be unscrupulous in any way, either.

You just need my master class program:

How To Make A Lot Of Money
With Hypnosis – Either Part
Or Full Time

Here are just a few of the secrets you’ll discover (and be able to use) when you have the program:

Part 1: The Secret To Success
In Hypnotherapy

The big secret to success in stop smoking sessions...

...in fact in all hypnotherapy...

...is in the preparation. To set up everything beforehand.

And I set out exactly what to do so that by the time a client comes in for their session, you're virtually guaranteed of success.

Here's just some of what you'll discover...

  • When the hypnotherapy session actually starts and what you MUST do to be successful
  • How to set up your office and some common mistakes to avoid
  • What records you need to keep and what to do to make sure you never run into legal issues
  • What to do the very first time you have contact with a potential client. Follow these steps and the actual hypnotherapy session will be a breeze
  • Many of your clients will have tried, and failed, to stop smoking before. Here's how to take those failures, remove them as an obstacle and actually use them to help achieve a successful outcome
  • The 12 most common reasons (excuses, really) for smoking and how to demolish them completely (I share my key, tested and highly effective technique)
  • What you absolutely MUST do to have any chance of a successful outcome and protect your reputation. This will SHOCK many people but it's essential to your success
  • My Crossroads technique (or "Make Up Your Mind Session") that you'll find will overcome many problems and concerns
  • One of the key secrets to success in making money as a hypnotist. This will help you not only as a hypnotist but with your life in general

With this correct preparation, you've set the scene for success.

And that's just the beginning. Next...

Part 2: How To Conduct A Stop Smoking Session That Gets Results Every Time

In this second session we get to the heart of the matter where I reveal a virtually foolproof way to run a stop smoking session with a client.

You get the benefit of my years of experience with a proven system that's easy to follow.

You'll discover...

  • 3 inductions to put your clients into a trance quickly and easily. Most of the time they'll be in a trance and under your spell before they even realise what's happening!
  • How to shape and change someone's inner reality so that it's almost impossible for them to continue smoking (there are 4 killer strategies to use)
  • 3 patterns of change you can use to transform someone from being a smoker to a non-smoker. Each one gets results - you simply choose which one fits the circumstances best
  • The essential stage of reinforcing the change and making sure it sticks. This is critical to ongoing success and most hypnotists don't do a good job here
  • What you must do to make sure you've been successful. Be careful because clients do not always tell you the truth
  • If you find someone is still craving cigarettes, here's a 6 step formula to help them break free and never want a cigarette ever again
  • Simple steps to make sure the problem really has been overcome and will never come back
  • The last thing to do in the formal trance is to defeat potential sabotage of the change. Here are the 5 most common situations and how to protect a client against them
  • The right way to end the hypnosis session and what to do immediately the client comes out of trance (this is very important and most hypnotists miss this completely)
  • Some extra strategies you can use (in 2 key areas) to get results even faster (PLUS make it easier for you to get more clients and boost your income)
  • 5 extra resources you can provide for your clients that will help them enjoy their new life as a non-smoker PLUS reinforce you reputation as a skilled hypnotist

With this template (and a little practice) you'll quickly be conducting stop smoking sessions with flair and confidence.

And you'll have all the clients you want because here's...

Part 3: How To Turn Your Time Into Cash And Have People Begging You To See Them

In this final session, I share with you the insider secrets that make the difference between you enjoying a life of wealth and success and simply getting by (or even struggling).

You see, it's not enough to simply be good at hypnosis.

You need to attract clients and charge them appropriately for the very valuable service you're providing.

And it is valuable. The amount they will pay you is a trifle compared to the value they'll get from stopping smoking or changing a similar destructive behaviour.

Remember, as well, that for many years I ran my own very successful practice.

What I share with you is based on proven strategies...not untested theories.

Here's what's revealed in this session...

  • No need to have any concerns or hangups when you use this ethical approach to building your business
  • The secret to having an endless stream of clients lining up to see you is to have in place a SYSTEM that's working for you all the time. Here are the simple steps to setting up your own marketing system just like the professionals
  • 2 ways to get an ongoing stream of business from every client - even if you only ever see them for one consultation!
  • Referrals are one of the best ways to get new clients. Here are 5 ways to use this powerful strategy so that you'll never be short of clients
  • The right way to use the internet to attract business so that you make money (most people don't know how to do this and as a result end up wasting huge amounts of time and energy)
  • Secrets to using advertising effectively to attract the right kind of clients at an affordable cost (PLUS how to write an advertisement that pulls in clients like a magnet)
  • How to turn enquiries into paying customers. No need to be a slick salesman, just follow these simple guidelines and people will be begging you to see them
  • What to do with enquiries who aren't ready to see you yet (this simple step can easily double the amount of business you get)
  • What NEVER to say when someone calls you with an enquiry...and the right way to handle that all important first call
  • How to set your scale of fees and present them so that clients pay without any hesitation
  • A little known strategy where you can make a huge amount of money in a very short period of time by offering your clients something truly valuable

With this simple and effective system in place, you'll never have to worry about where to find your next client. The biggest problem is likely to be how to meet the demand for your services!

With this third audio session, you now have everything you need to set up, get started and make money as a stop smoking hypnotherapist.

And remember, you don't have to limit yourself to stop smoking sessions.

The techniques and strategies work equally well for other problems (such as weight loss or phobias).

Now, as well as the audio sessions, you also get a "Executive Quick-Start Manual" that recaps the key points from the class. It also gives you an easy way to refer back to a particular section at any time.

And that's not all. Because you also get...

Special Bonus Resources...

So that you have everything you need to make your new consulting practice a big success, included with the "How To Make A Lot Of Money With Hypnosis" Master Class are these bonuses...

  • A special Relaxation hypnosis session. You can use this with your clients as well as for your own benefit.
  • A special guide to the Elman Induction. This is one of the simplest and most effective ways to put a client into a trance and get results fast
  • My personal "Hypnotherapy Checklist" to guide you through the whole process from beginning to end. With this handy guide you'll never be stuck wondering what to do and you'll never miss out an important step
  • A Sample Client Intake Questionnaire. Keeping accurate client records is a MUST. This makes it easy for you to do this
  • Client Business Referral Templates. One of the secrets to getting referrals from clients is to make it EASY for them to help you. These bonus templates remove any hard work for clients and you'll get more business as a result

So, follow the simple steps laid out for you and sooner than you think you'll have your first client and be banking your first fee.

Imagine what you could do with this extra income...

...and all from doing something that you love and is of great benefit to the world.


Here's The Next Step To Turning Your
Hypnosis Skills Into Cash...

I mentioned at the beginning of this letter that as a hypnotist you possess a valuable skill.

And people will gladly pay you to use this skill to solve pressing problems like how to stop smoking.

The "How To Make A Lot Of Money With Hypnosis" program makes it easy to get started in practice for yourself and turn your skills into cash.

Remember that you get...

  • 6 CDs (over 5 hours of cutting edge material); PLUS
  • 1 CDrom containing an Executive Quick-Start Manual covering all the important points in "How To Make A Lot Of Money With Hypnosis" and a host of other bonus resources to help you make your business a success; PLUS
  • 1 CD with a special relaxation hypnosis session. You can use this with your clients as well as for your own benefit.

All of this yours for just $197 + Shipping.

When you think about it, that's a very modest investment for something that could bring you a handsome, ongoing stream of income.

Your very first client could easily repay this investment and some!

And, you can order in complete confidence because...

Here's My Personal Promise To You And 100% Guarantee

Here's what to do:

Get this training, the bonuses and the Executive Quick-Start Manual that make up the "How To Make A Lot Of Money With Hypnosis" Master Class.

Listen to the CDs as many times as you like.

Put your new skills into practice and see for yourself how you can make money with your hypnosis skills.

In the unlikely event that you are not thrilled and delighted with your new skills and income, simply send me an email and you will receive a prompt and courteous refund in full.

And you have a full 60 days to make your decision.

I think you'll agree, I can't be much fairer than that.


In this letter...

  • You've discovered how to take your hypnosis skills and use them to help people with issues like stopping smoking
  • You've also seen how to attract people eager to pay you well and so build a handsome income for yourself
  • You've discovered how easy it is to try this program for yourself without risking a cent

You could try to figure this all out on your own. Of course, that could take a long time and it's possible that you might never discover the secret.

Or you can take advantage of this proven program and quickly be on your way to a new life of greater prosperity.

It's easy to get your copy of "How To Make A Lot Of Money With Hypnosis". Simply click on the "Add To Cart" button below...

Get Started With This Exciting System Today



I'm both ready and eager to have get my hands on this proven system. I realize having access to Igor's program is the fastest and easiest way to become a successful hypnotist.

I understand that:

  • You will ship me the entire program on 6 CDs of Audio Training + 1 Special Induction CD + 1 Quick-Start Executive Manual on CD-ROM + Extra Bonuses
  • My investment is only $197 + Shipping
  • I have 60 full days with a 100% guarantee to try out this program. If I'm not completely happy during these 60 days, I can simply return the program for a complete refund.

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Servers Are 100% Secure Using 128 Bit Encryption


I’m looking forward to hearing about your newfound success.


Igor Ledochowski

Certified Success Life Coach & Trainer
Author Of Over Different 70 Training Products & Seminars
Author Of The Best Selling, "The Deep Trance Training Manual"
Accredited & Certified NLP Master Practitioner & Trainer
Internationally Acclaimed Master Hypnosis Trainer
Certified Master Hypnotist & Trainer

P.S. With the "How To Make A Lot Of Money With Hypnosis" Master Class you get...

  • 6 CDs (over 5 hours of cutting edge material); PLUS
  • 1 CDrom containing an Executive Quick-Start Manual covering all the important points in "How To Make A Lot Of Money With Hypnosis" and a host of other bonus resources to help you make your business a success; PLUS
  • 1 CD with a special relaxation hypnosis session. You can use this with your clients as well as for your own benefit.

...all for the low investment of just $197+shipping.

P.P.S. If you're serious about turning your hypnosis skills into cash, you owe it to yourself to try this program. Don't risk your success and leave it to chance. Take advantage of the shortcut this program provides. The investment is modest and the potential benefits are enormous.

To get started, just click on the order link below...

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